How to Program Your Garage Door Opener Remote

How to Program Your Garage Door Opener Remote

A garage door opener remote is part of the technology that allows for an automatic function of the garage door. A simple click of this remote can control the door, whether you are inside of the car or a little distance away. However, remotes need to be programmed in order to work for the opener.
A LiftMaster garage door opener or a Craftsman garage door opener at home can be controlled with the right programming of the remote. The same can be said for a Chamberlain garage door opener. Regardless of the type, this article aids homeowners in programming all the three types of garage door openers mentioned above.
Hence, here are some steps on how to program your garage door opener:
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What You Need to Program Your Garage Door Remote

You will not need a lot of materials on the programming of a garage door opener remote. It is very important that you have access to the garage door opener. Hence, you will need to look for a sturdy ladder. This is so you can reach the opener that is installed at the garage’s ceiling. Ensure that the ladder is placed on a surface that is level to prevent any accidents. Moreover, prepare the remote that will need the programming.

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How to Program Garage Door Remote Step by Step

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Following the steps below is essential in programming the remote, in addition to gathering all of the necessary items:

First, ensure that the remote has the same brand with the garage door opener that you are using. Having different brands will not be able to allow the remote to communicate with the opener that is of a different brand as well. Some openers as well as remotes often conduct operations on distinct frequencies that are likewise utilizing different information.

After that, simply climb the ladder carefully. This will allow you to look into the opener itself. Then, examine the opener to locate the LEARN button. Modern garage door openers are usually equipped with this. However, you will need to find it carefully if it is not immediately visible. If the button is hard to find, take the light cover off.

After finding the button, simply press it until it blinks. When the light of the opener starts flashing, simply press the open button on the remote.

Wait for one minute and then press the OPEN button once again on the remote to test the programming. If the garage door opens, then the programming is successful.

Garage Door Opener Remote: How to Change Battery

To change the battery of the remote, first remove the cover. The garage door remote usually has a battery in a circle that resembles a coin. If you have a battery like this, take note of the numbers in order to properly replace it. There are some cases where the remote will need an AAA battery.
Place the new batteries and place the cover once again. Reprogram the remote once again to the garage door by repeating the steps above.

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Garage Door Repair: How to Reset Garage Door Opener

In resetting the system of the door, first, find the button on the motor that is labeled ‘LEARN’ or ‘HOME’. There are some cases where the button is found on the same side of the antenna of the device, which is next to the LED. The colors of the LED are different depending on the brand. Hence, it will depend on the brand whether you need to remove an access panel so you can reach the button.
After locating the button, you might need to press it down for five to six seconds or until you see the light going off.

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How to Set Up Garage Door Opener in Car

Setting up the garage door opener in your car is convenient. Hence, to do this, just rapidly press the button on the remote control. Then, hold it down for a few seconds. If there is a built-in button in the vehicle, have someone assist you by pressing the button.

It will only take a second to program the remote. Once the machine accepts the code, the light on it will flash for a quick moment and you will hear an audible click.
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Where to Buy Garage Door Opener Remote

A garage door opener remote can be found in many hardware stores. However, you should find a remote that is on par with your garage door opener. They both should have the same brand. If the programming does not work for you, you will need to look for another way.
If the steps above do not work for your garage door opener remote, simply call a professional garage door repair service. There is no harm in asking for help if you have done the best that you can in attempting to repair or reprogram the remote.
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